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The only refillable toothpaste in Switzerland: 100% natural, biodegradable and completely plastic-free. So you can shine every day. With your support we are going into production!

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Toothpaste - Just not as you know it

Commercial toothpastes contain not only harsh ingredients, critical foaming agents (e.g. sodium lauryl sulfate), numerous preservatives and stabilizers, but also up to 40% water. Due to their liquid form, toothpastes are packaged in several layers of plastic and aluminum, which makes recycling of toothpaste tubes almost impossible. But is this really necessary?

We don’t think so! Due to the solid form of Kiyo toothpaste tablets, we can do without unnecessary preservatives, water, disinfectants and stabilizers and offer our toothpaste in a refillable glass jar. Not knowing what a toothpaste contains is a no-go for us. Therefore, we at Kiyo are completely transparent with our ingredients and explain why we use them (see picture gallery).

  • Kiyo's product range
    Kiyo's product range
  • Kiyo's ingredients
    Kiyo's ingredients

Kiyo is ...

… made in Switzerland: Local is fun! We develop and produce exclusively with experts in Switzerland.

… natural & sustainable: Back to the roots - ingredients created by nature! All ingredients on a natural basis.

… transparent: Never again, no clue what’s inside! We can be completely transparent with our ingredients.

… free of plastic: plastic was yesterday, today is different! Product & packaging are 100% plastic free.

… available as subscription with refills: Lean back! We’ll send you your refill every 2 months directly to your doorstep.

Kiyo’s application:

  1. bite - chew the toothpaste tablet a few times so that a paste is formed.
  2. brush - now you can brush as usual with your toothbrush.
  3. rinse & smile - at least twice a day.

What we need your backing for

We have been intensively involved in product development for more than a year now. After countless prototypes and the feedback of more than 100 testees, we are now close to our goal. The production of our toothpaste tabs in Switzerland enables us to offer the highest quality, ideal effectiveness and a short delivery distance. For the first big production we now need your support. With your help we can revolutionize dental care - YES!

Estimated delivery: March 2021

Nando & Jeffrey
Nando & Jeffrey