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Gustav Klimt – his last studio

The Klimt Villa in Vienna’s Hietzing district is home to the last preserved and publicly accessible studio of the world-famous artist Gustav Klimt. While still a relatively new museum, with its permanent exhibition, special exhibitions and events such as concerts, readings, lectures, it has developed over recent years into a truly special location for art and culture lovers from Austria and abroad.

Klimt Villa Garden

Gustav Klimt’s last studio nestles in an extensive garden. During Klimt’s time it bloomed with fruit trees, rose bushes, flowers and shrubs.

«Well may you look and marvel, right? – Yes, those are colours! Those are shapes! – Seen next to them, all the ’sensations’ of the Secession, the Kunstschau, the Neukunst, and whatever else the modern and ultramodern artists associations are calling themselves are dull and lacklustre doodles intolerable to the eye.» (Gustav Klimt on his garden at No. 11 Feldmühlgasse)

The glory of Klimt’s garden inspired him to paint several landscapes. In 2018 work began on the partial reconstruction of Gustav Klimt’s garden. But such a garden needs constant maintenance and care. For the 165th anniversary of Gustav Klimt’s birth in 2022 we plan to restore his garden to its full glory.

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The Klimt Villa needs your support to make this happen

We needs funds for the historical research, replanting, maintenance and landscaping for a 2000m2 area of the Klimt Garden. Working with landscape gardeners, we will lay new flower beds and enlarge existing ones, and plant new flowers, shrubs, bushes and fruit trees.

At the heart of the garden will be two original rose bushes from Klimt’s garden, which are being cultivated, gradually planted out and cared for in conjunction with specialists.

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