The project

It started more then seven years ago with «Knit Kit», the knitting construction kit. Now I continue with a knitted jewelry collection.

Out of thinnest thread I knit, crochet or knot jewelry pieces, which then are refined in a special process. The designs obtain an exceptional surface quality. The texture of the thread stays preserved. A one-of-a kind appearance is created and the crafted piece presents itself in shining silver, gold or red gold.

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The refinement and finish of each piece is done in small steps with attentive craftsmanship. We maintain the century old tradition of goldsmith artisanry and elevate our product above the mass market.

Let’s go!

My team and I are ready to start. Please help support the production of our initial collection and get yourself pieces of this unique jewelry collection or products from Knit Kit.

Your rewards:

Here you can see pictures of your rewards: The knotted Macramé ring, the Voodoo doll, the knitted ring and the matching ear studs.

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