« Know Thyself... but not too much!» is a 10h long-durational performance by Valérie Reding and Ivan Monteiro, presented at Tanzhaus Zürich, within zürich moves! festival 2016, curated by Marc Streit.

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Know Thyself... but not too much

How much do you know yourself? Do you really behold the future in your own hands? «Know Thyself … but not too much» is an invitation to the public to trust and get up close and personal with two deities from another space and time, two all-knowingly ignorant postmodern oracle sorceresses defying the laws of communication with the divine.

Through masterfully executed rituals and blessings with sweat, laughter, tears and other holy liquids or devices, the two priestesses will provide answers to anyone who dares to step in front of their gaze and takes the risk of giving his or her existing life a twist.

The Inspiration

This long-durational ten hour long performance is mainly inspired by historical-mythological happenings, that involved the Oracle of Delphi in Ancient Greece. At this pilgrimage hub, kings, queens, other authorities as well as the common people often addressed their most important questions, in order to have divine support and answers for decisive crossroads in their life.

The Performance

The «Know Thyself… but not too much» performance is a reenactment and modern interpretation of the activities and rituals that happened in the Temple of Delphi. The petitioners would enter the temple and, in exchange for a personal offering or some sort of sacrifice, would get a private audience with the Pythia, the oracle sorceress. This priestess «possessed by spirits» would direct the questions of the supplicants to the Divine. Then, after a while in deep trance, she would proclaim the answers to the enquirers’ questions in riddles.

During the performance «Know Thyself… but not too much», Ivan and Valérie will channel their inner Pythia and provide counselling service to all the visitors entering this postmodern temple in the depths of the Tanzhaus Zürich.

And, if anyone is feeling exhausted by the mystical happenings of this magical night, he or she can simply lay down their heads and rest – sleeping accommodations will be provided.

In Exchange For Your Support

By giving us your support, you will get offered the opportunity to ask one or two questions, to enjoy ritualistic facial or bodily paintings, personalised dance or music rituals, an exclusive VIP consultation and many more… that you can experience either in person or through Skype communication during the performance.

Why your help is needed?

Ivan and Valérie are investing all their heart, soul, time and dedication into this performance. But unfortunately blood, tears and sweat cannot (yet) be used to buy technical equipment and all the other materials needed to create costumes and decorate this queer temple, so that you and the other guests can experience an unforgettable night in the priestesses’ company.

Time and Place

Tanzhaus Zürich (Wasserwerkstrasse 129, CH-8037 Zürich)

From 17th March 22.00 pm to 18th March 8.00 am

zürich moves! 2016