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What about this book

Our project is programming book about most demanded language for serious projects - Kotlin. This book is intended for all those interested in IT technology: -for amateurs to learn programming as a hobby -for analysts to improve analytical skills -for marketers to get new skills in data analysis -for programmers and buisness analysts to lern new language -for freelancers and startapers to build own app


What makes us different from others

A step-by-step guide from the basics programming language syntaxis to industry topics, such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, data analysis and statistics. Content:

  1. Kotlin beginning
  2. Kotlin object oriented programming
  3. Kotlin functional programming
  4. How to use Kotlin with a database, such as SQL
  5. Create your first back-end project with Kotlin and Android Studio
  6. How to use Kotlin for data analytics.

This is what we need backing for.

All money will use to pay for: full time programmers work to make this book more prfessional and style. Why format epub and abk? In order to law price. Small issues logistics is too expensive. Digital format can lower the price of the book.

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