Leo’s Atelier öffnet seine Türen: ein Ort der generationsübergreifenden und freien Kreativität in dem die Keramik im Vordergrund steht. Es fehlt einen Brennofen. Lasst es uns zusammen finanzieren!

CHF 7’490

124% of CHF 6’000

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 25/10/2018

Welcome February!By Eleonore Poullet Laib Leo ATELIER, on 03/02/2019

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My very dear bakers,

Our successful crowdfunding campaign has closed already 3 month ago and our beautiful kiln is in its perfect place since 8 weeks. Time has run fast with Christmas time and a so busy January! I’m working hard for the atelier, doing all kind of things from paperwork, corporate design and marketing to ceramic molds and glazes samples, dreaming that the atelier will soon start to flirt with «routine mode ». My own creatives hours are reduced to the minimum but it wasn’t expected an other way. All comes together when you start a new activity, right! Now we are welcoming February and I don’t forget that some of you are expecting to get their rewards and I promise that it will be my priority just after the launch of the new website that keeps me quite busy those last days. I will be happy to make an announcement about it very soon! For all the bakers whom have chosen to spend some time with me working at the atelier are very welcome to contact me to set a date together. You can already find some events on Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/pg/leoatelier.ch/events/

So you’ll hear back from me very soon, With all my warmest regards, Leo

Thank you so much!By Eleonore Poullet Laib Leo ATELIER, on 09/12/2018

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We did It!By Eleonore Poullet Laib Leo ATELIER, on 24/10/2018

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We did it!

The campaign will be finished in less then 20 hours and we already have reached more than 120% of the goal. Of course, you can keep backing!!! Because with this supplement, we will have the chance to invest in extra supplies that we will need for the kiln, like new glazes for example.

Wow! I’m so impressed by those last weeks in your company. It has been a totally surprising road for me, full not only of emotions but also of surprises, questions, doubts and finally proudness! Obviously we all have done great! I am tremendously happy for all who are (or will be) part of the atelier. The first firing will be surely very emotional and I will certainly share this moment with you. I’d like to make a huge BIG UP to my dear friend Barbara, on my side since the very first minute supporting and motivating me, bringing creatives ideas and updating me with all the social networks details. Thank you Zauberding Lady! Thank you too Christoph for your valuable support. I appreciate a lot. I won’t forget to thanks also all my other friends who have join the Facebook’s support team with sharing my page and post. Cheers! I would like that those who have felt too much bothered by all my emails, post and messages apologies me. But there is no other way to keep the campaign pulsing! And it has worked ;-) Crowdfunding works only all together. This is the comforting and symbolic sign of an optimistic futur! Thank you all. We have made it together. Bravo!

With all my sympathy and gratefullness, Eleonore

Open Day at Leo ATELIERBy Eleonore Poullet Laib Leo ATELIER, on 15/10/2018

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Eleonore Poullet Laib is very happy to invite you to discover her recently opened atelier around some clay, drinks and finger food! Visite the Facebook page to get more details.

It will be also maybe the great opportunity to celebrate the unveiling of the new kiln that you can still help us to finance through our Crowdfunding Campaign on this platform. It stays 9 days. Don´t miss it! Support our Project! Every Francs counts! Click on the button now! 

Please visit Leo ATELIER’s pages on Facebook and Instagram to become follower and stay updated with news and events. https://www.facebook.com/leoatelier.ch https://www.instagram.com/leoatelier.ch

Our mailing address is: message@leo-atelier.ch

Leo ATELIER · Untertöckenstrasse 15 · Lippoldswilen 8566 · Switzerland