KulturKopfkino Summerfest '13

by KulturKopf


With your support, we’ll host a summer festival with a «Transidentities» theme – for all LGTBQI Networks and friends. Let’s celebrate diversity!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Who we are

KulturKopf is a professional and dynamic, woman-led startup company in Luzern. KulturKopf organizes projects and events and places its focus on the cultural content.

kopfkino queers Lucerne! Gay Women and Lesbian Men and all other «normal» folk dance to the finest alternative sounds through till the morning.

What we want

KulturKopfkino: Alongside the monthly «kopfkino Party» in Treibhaus Luzern, we – KulturKopf und kopfkino – want to host a bi-annual event together, creating a space and place for the various LGBTQI Networks, young and old, to come meet and exchange thoughts and ideas.

We are «non profit» but «all passion».

Your Support can make it happen

With your support, you help us to create a much needed space and platform for groups within the LGBTQI community. A place where people can meet, exchange ideas and where various cultural projects can be combined and performed.

Help us to give birth to an event, which allows family, friends and curious folk to gain a better understanding of queer themes. With your (cash) donation, you are helping to enable an increased understanding within our community and society. Lets move towards a time and place where people, no matter how, who and what they are or once were, can live and love with equal rights. That we can be who we are and not who someone else thinks we should be.

Thanking You!

KulturKopf und Kopfkino Luzern

Programme description: Saturday, June 1st

After the welcome drinks and «get together», we’ll kick off Saturday eve at the Theater Pavillon with a cultural event, exploring «Transidentities». This will take the form of a reading, performance and a podium discussion about the recently released book «Das Geschlecht der Seele», which translates as «the Gender of the Soul» (2013; Elster Verlag).

That will be followed by an acoustic concert from «HugoSomething» (Miriam & Hugo). The eve continues, calm and chilled, at the Theater Pavillion bar. Time for conversation, discussion and exchange.

From 23:00 onwards, the party people and dancing divas can head over to Treibhaus for the Kopfkino party through till 04:00.

Sunday, June 2nd

We’ll start Sunday with a «Hangover-Brunch», followed by a film, with the support of PinkPanorama Luzern, continuing the «Transidentities» theme. After that there is another opportunity to hang out at the Pavillon bar.

You can download the programme as a PDF here.