This is what KUNST:RAUM is all about

KUNST:RAUM Gmunden is a platform for people interested in culture as well as for those who create it. Since 2016 we have revitalized Gmunden’s ancient inner city by organizing cultural events - exhibitions, readings, concerts, performances and discussions. We publish a printed regional cultural events calendar every 2 months, while online we provide up-to-date information about cultural activities in Gmunden. We advise and support artists and creatives from all artistic disciplines, making KUNST:RAUM Gmunden a think-thank and brainstorming laboratory.
Who are we? We are Heidi, Petra and Ferdinand – all 3 of us are artists and our focus is on a sense of togetherness. We bring people together and network artists and creatives with art supporters. Our project:center M14 is located on the Marktplatz in Gmunden, directly at the top entrance to the Traungasse. Gmunden’s arts district was established by the artists own initiative, including the trademark of yearly changing art flags that fly above the Traungasse. The art flags have become one of the most photographed images of visitors. The art flags aren’t just a sign of an enlivened arts district, they also serve as location markers for art and culture in Gmunden. In the future we also want to see art flags flying in the narrow ancient streets and hear them filled with music. Together with you, we want to continue growing as an arts networking location!

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My project is special because

Creatives have revitalized the ancient inner city of Gmunden - since 2012 alone, 12 new group studios, stores, galleries and studios have opened. We are part of this revitalization and have created a unique atmosphere of togetherness. With the further development and growth of KUNST:RAUM Gmunden we will be able to continue enriching the region throughout the year with exceptional activities and events.

For instance, we have plans for another Fensterkonzert (window concert), where musicians play live from the windows in the Traungasse – an event that fascinates the public to listen to all the sounds in the ancient street.

We also have plans for additional ARTtreffs, as well as another F(l)air Markt, exhibitions, readings and discussions. We would also like to initiate another round of Sk8 ART – an event where skateboarders «paint» on a giant roll of paper by riding their boards.

Everyone can profit through our activities, whether young, old, big, little or somewhere in between. We want to show what quality and potential already exists in our region and ensure that things continue to happen here.

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This is what I need backing for.

KUNST:RAUM Gmunden is a cultural Leader Project (EU grant for regional development ). We are even the largest cultural Leader Project in the region. Per project guidelines, we aren’t allowed to generate income, yet still need to finance a portion ourselves. Our budget and financial conduct is strictly checked by the EU, the country of Austria and the state of upper Austria – you can be assured that we will responsibly use your donation. Officially, the project ends December 2018. We, and many others, would like to continue with the project.

An important part of our work is connecting, advising and supporting other creatives, for example, helping to find working spaces, apartments, cooperation possibilities and much more – and that should continue to be our work.

In addition we publish, both digitally and in print, a bimonthly cultural arts calendar. The KUNST:RAUM Gmunden calendar has become a huge hit, since it provides a concise overview of all cultural events in our region. It’s also great to look at; people hang it up at home. We want to use a portion of the crowdfunding sum to continue publishing this calendar.

We incur many costs putting on events, concerts, readings, exhibitions, performances and markets - for graphic design, organization, print materials, artists’ fees, art materials and advertising. Costs add up when one is active. We also have expenses which aren’t covered by Leader funding, which we need to cover ourselves, such as hospitality costs and all bills less than 50€.

In order for us to continue enlivening the region with our activities we need you.

We have many one-of-a-kind goodies in exchange for your support! These are experiences and opportunities which you normally can’t buy. The creatives from our region have come up with extraordinary things for you, for example, studio visits with surprises, exclusive private concerts, an art hike, garden conversations, dinner with us and even your own radio show.

So you see, KUNST:RAUM wants to grow. We want to continue holding space for the production of culture and for it to be accessible in our region. Come on – join in!

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