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The place for cocktails in Geneva

L’Alambic, a bar with an ambition, L’Alambic, with local products, L’Alambic, and all of this with you!

To be the place for cocktails in Geneva, where you can enjoy and taste new products. And all of this in a cozy place with impeccable service.

What else?

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A bar like nowhere else

Gin, rhum, a journey, flavors and fragrances. We take you on a new journey, not to participate to the creation of any bar, but to share an experience where you can taste new and exciting products.

With L’Alambic, you will discover new horizons, new taste, all set around the amazing terroir of Geneva. We are creating a vibrant place where our menu will showcase seasonal and local products.

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Our vision, your help

With your support, you help us setting up the new concept for cocktail bars in Geneva! Trendy, cozy and charming, you will directly be involved in the creation of a new place where you can discover the magic of L’Alambic!

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