A 10-day festival promoting alternative means of transportation

Draw me a city… At the beginning of the 20th century, the car was presented as a wonderful utopia that meant freedom and an open door on the world. A century later, this car has taken us somewhere else: it has taken us to a world full of traffic jams, of peaks of pollution, of noise pollution, of accidents and silly wars between road users… The utopia has slowly but surely slipped into the dystopia that we’re living today. While Geneva is wearing its shining blinders to celebrate the Geneva Motor Show, L’Autre Salon offers you a 10-day celebration of the other mobility in a funny and off the wall way: a conference on a post-car world, a bike market where you can sell and buy bikes, a show with strange and surprising bicycles, a philosophy cafe about utopia and the city, an art performance in which 2.5 tons of ice are transformed and played it, a country dancing night, a history cafe, bamboo bikes and many other things. It is still time to draw a city centered around human beings! Please, draw me a city…

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Why L'Autre Salon?

L’Autre Salon is an association that collaborates with lots of other associations and organizations that are active in Geneva in terms of mobility. Among them, we can find Pro Vélo Genève, actif-trafic, Pré en Bulle, Roue Libre, ATE Genève, les Bains des Pâquis, La Ritournelle…

Why should you back up L'Autre Salon?

L’Autre Salon receives no allowance or subvention. Self-financed, L’Autre Salon wishes to remain a light structure that costs little. It mainly functions thanks to its partnerships with other associations and also mainly thanks to individual financial donations. However, the fixed costs linked to communication (printing, designer, web-designer) can’t be avoided and can only be paid thanks to donations Without your donations, L’Autre Salon can’t live!