What it is all about ?

Dadaist, ever since I was a little kid, time has come, now that i’m a little older, to merge in a perfrormance all my Dadaist ideas : a collage, frames and a tribute to Picabia.

Who is Budar ?

Budar is a Buda (my real name) with a R… as a tribute to Nadar. Budar is a «photosopher» and a «photograver». He lives in Paris since the nineties, and gosh that’s beeen a long time ! He’s an Italian and permanent immigrant who lived for twenty years in Basel (Switzerland) but who, thankfully, is born in Italia.

I dedicate this project to my spiritual fathers : Nadar-Man Ray–Duchamp-Picabia and to the great DADA.

What the heck is this project ?

During the event Dada100 at the Cabaret Voltaire (which will celebrate the hundredth anniversary of this famous Dada nightcub in Zurich) or anywhere where there is a Dadaist party, 4 sandwich men will wear mobile boards of 850x 900m (33,5x35,4 inches). BudarDada, the artist, will glue, nail, screw on and gather elements already prepared and others found during the evening. Following these sandwich men (and women) while they are partying,… he will realise this dadaist collage with a wink to Picabia – asking participants to sign, i a dadaist way, the pictures (before, during or after the collage performance.

These people (or sandwich creatures) will be able to move and do whatever they want to do (with the intention to annoy or not Mr Dada). They will be selected at random – possibly thanks to a lottery (numbers will be given at the entry of the Buda100 party). The 4 sandwich boards will be able to change their holder according to the erratic mood of a sage selected by the comity of sages Dada 100.

When Budar Dada will have the feeling that his marathon has come to an end, or when he will be fed up of all this… he will reunite the four sandwich boards in one unique picture of 1916x2016mm (75,4x79,4 inches).

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