«La Femme» CD Album

by Flaka Goranci


La Femme, is bringing a CD Album with 21 female composers from Middle Eastern, Europe, Balkans and South Africa among others. A Journey where you can Dream, Pray, Cry, Reflect, Cheer, Dance and Love.

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La Femme - A Tribute to Creativity, Devotion and Love.

Despite depicting the 21 marvellous musical works and inspiring stories of the 21 composers, ’’La Femme’’, is a project that builds bridges between different cultures, breaks political borders and brings together the reflective works that speak of Peace, Devotion, Passion and Love. A group of 21 women composers from Middle Eastern, Western and Eastern Europe, Balkans, South Africa, Canada, USA and Latin America come together in this project to show equal values through their different backgrounds. Through much of history the language of women has been told through men, but La Femme turns this narrative upside down. All of these composers share an unrelenting will to be artistic, often in opposition to the societies in which they found themselves. From the very first medieval verses by Kassia via the blind virtuoso Maria von Paradis’ famed Sicilienne and holocaust victim like Weber’s moving Wiegala and powerful modern statements by the likes of Niloufar Nourbakhsh the entire project is dedicated to all creative women in music. In this journey, one can dream, think, pray, cry, cheer, dance and laugh.

’’La Femme’’ A bridge between different cultures and Border breaker!

These marvellous works are performed by ’’World Chamber Orchestra’’ a group of highly talented and professional musicians, all living in Vienna, and all coming from different countries. Therefore, the Orchestra carries also the name ’’World Chamber Orchestra’’.
What makes even more diverse this CD, it is the idea that there are not only 21 songs but there are also piano, violin, cello solos or smaller ensembles. I’m the producer and the singer of the project. There are two guest singers in the CD which should remain a surprise until you have the CD in your hands. I can only say that this journey has become very valuable to me. The works and also the stories behind them makes this project very meaningful.

You support is much needed and highly appreciated!

A CD Album of this nature, which brings 21 different stories and music works, is a product that needs a lot of inspiration, passion and time.

Here you can find the list of the costs that needs to be covered for a CD production such as ’’La Femme’’:

  • Rehearsal spaces for rehearsals and recording preparations
  • Transportation to the recording studio (outside from Vienna)
  • Instrument rental
  • Instrument tuning
  • Sound engineer for the recording sessions
  • Post-production mixing and mastering
  • Cover Photo
  • Preparation for the CD Booklet in two languages (English & German)
  • Payments for arrangements and adaptations of the works
  • Payments for the Musicologists
  • Payments for the Orchestra (11 Musicians)
  • Payment for the Conductor
  • Payments for the guests singers
  • CD printing
  • PR and Media services
  • Video content
  • Trailer
  • Photo content
  • Design and creation of promotional material such as flyers and posters
  • Licence fees for the texts to be included in the booklet
  • Licence fees for works to be included in the Trailer

We managed to finish many tasks for our album but we still need your help to finalise and bring ’’La Femme’’ to life! We are so close to accomplish our goal! Please take your time to look at our carefully prepared purchases which we are offering in return for your generous contribution.