This show aims at raising awareness on suicide. My wish with this work on such a delicate theme is to give hope to people in suffering and to help them to love themselves again. «La Limite» is a Modern-Jazz and Contemporary dance solo show of 60 minutes, combining dancing and theatrical interpretation.

Addressing such a complex and delicate problem has been challenging. This work, which is close to my heart, is a collaboration with illustrator Paul Chuop. Animated illustrations will accompany me on a large screen and will show shocking moments in the life of a little girl.

The story will follow this little girl growing up in a family with suicidal tendencies. Without generalizing, I will concentrate only on the story of this child, which is of course, not necessarily representative of other children living in families where suicidal tendencies are present.

The little girl in the animated illustrations will be confronted at an early age to shocking events linked to the theme of suicide, while I will dance and interpret her emotions. I will also show where the difficulties linked to suicide can lead and, the most important: how she manages to confront them.

Although the theme is particularly sensitive, I would like the spectators to come out of this show with a sense of hope. I would like to pass on a positive message for people that are suffering.

The first performance will take place on the 15th of September, a week in which a large number of awareness raising campaigns will take place, following the World Suicide Prevention Day on September the 10th.

My dream would be to tour in several cities.


This is why I need support

The cost of such an ambitious show is unfortunately well beyond my financial means. Your support would help me to pay for:

  • The illustrator, who has done an incredible job

  • The numerous stage decors

  • The cyclorama and projector needed to project the animated illustrations to the spectators

  • Rental fees for the stage

  • The light engineer and technician, who is essential for this show

I have contacted numerous foundations to ask for financial support. Unfortunately, the costs are still far from being covered. Which is why I must ask for your support to help me to assist as many people through this show, to move them and touch their hearts as much as I can and to share my emotions and my passion from the place in which I have always felt the best: the stage.



Desire to have a memory of your participation to the project? There is only to ask!