This is what it's all about.

We are a collective of artists from different countries (Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Bosnia), and we all live in Bern, Switzerland. We founded the band in December 2018 with the idea of using our own compositions and selected classics of international popular songs to present a musical journey that invites you to dance in a world without borders. We have given many concerts over the past two years and we have played on various stages, especially in Switzerland, at events such as local parties, festivals, or our own concerts in various cultural venues as well as at private parties (wedding parties, birthday parties, etc.) and we have noticed that our music and vibe inspire and move audiences with an atmosphere of dance and happiness. In a recording session we are sure we can give our best energy and our soul, because sharing our musical art and its messages with people is where the magic arises and lives.

My project is special because ...

In this challenging time with many restrictions in daily life, we want to bring positive energy with our music and make a contribution with our «grain of sand» to make our world a better place for all the people to live in.

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This is what I need backing for.

Due to the crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic, there were hardly any opportunities in 2020to get our music to the people, as many concerts and festivals were canceled. This gave us the impulse to record our original compositions with the best possible quality, in order to gain access to the sale of our music in digital and in printed form so that we expand our community. We would like to make our recording production in the «Groove Factory» studios in Bern (, because they offer a pleasant space with the appropriate technical and acoustic conditions for our work. Costs : 

  • Album production/ Studio sessions
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Artwork/Album Cover
  • CD and LP pressing
  • Press-photo and Promotion