La Procesión de Las Sombras

by Virginie Morillo


La Procesión de Las Sombras is an artistic short movie shot in mini dv, Iphone 5, super 8 and 5d. A procession of six motorcycles in the middle of a mexican field.

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Successfully concluded on 3/8/2014

La Procesión de Las Sombras

LA PROCESION DE LAS SOMBRAS is an artistic short movie shot in mini dv, iphone 5, super 8 and 5d.

Project, short pitch:

I needed two years to prepare this project by myself, with any help. I shot that movie in the desert of Oaxaca, near Teotitlan, in may 2014 with a very small team, and the cooperation of the great motorcycle gang the Legionarios.

All the flags are made with my hands. They are in silk, and dye by the natural ancestral regional technics from Oaxaca with plants, stones, and insects called the cochinilla. The process is long and delicate, but i like this autonomy and the independant system to control the piece by myself.

The mayas used the flags as a cosmic tree to make a relation with the sky (the 4 gods of heavens) and the underworld. in many rituals they still use the flags actually in procession to represent the posts that hold up in the sky.

In my way the flags are carry by the Last Cavaleros de las sombras. Faces and hands painted in black, they are like shadows faceless persons who are running in the empty desert.

I remember when i was a child or maybe a teenager we always draw a mexican from a top view, as for exemple: «What’s that ?» «It’s a mexican cooking an egg.»

I keep this memory of a mexican wearing a large sombrero.

A taste of Hell in this mexican Paradise.

«If one of them could climb the hill the others could do that»

Me and my work:

I started my artistic career, the day i came into the being in the Yoshiwara at Edo. surrounded by geishas, i received the hallmark from the big shot in rock’n’roll psychedelism, Dennis Hopper.

Motor and silk were always the good association. Just the dream of a tall girl who always dreamed to could drive a motorcycle as a man.

Finally i found my way in Mexico.

I’m always inspired by places, foreign cultures and rituals. They are no limits geographically to stop my work. I chose the materials according at the feeling.

Despite the sparkling variety of forms of expression, my visual language has a high recognition of value.


Now i need the help and support of my community to finish the post production and to release the movie in september.

Thanks to the Legionarios, Casa Maauad, the swiss embassy, and to all my friends in Mexico, Switzerland and France who already support the movie.

I need only : 3000 CHF

Support my project please ! I Really need your help.

«(…) When we speak the word «life», it must be understood we are not referring to life as we know it from the surface of fact, but to that fragile, fluctuating center which forms never reach. and if there is one hellish, truly accursed thing in our time, it’s our artistic dallying with forms, instead of being like victims burnt at the stake, signaling through the flames.» by Antonin Artaud, 1938

«Down in Mexicali, there’s a crazy little place that i know (…) Where the drinks are hotter than the chili sauce and the boss is a cat named Joe he wears a red bandanna, plays a blues piano in a honky-tonk, down in Mexico he wears a purple sash and a black mustache (…) I said «tell me, dad, when does the fun begin ?» by the Coasters, Down in Mexico, 1956

«Si tu t’engages dans le voyage, tu y arriveras.» Ibn Arabi, 1195