Participate to the renovation's final step of the old water station of Vauseyon (NE) and its rehabilitation into a new space for artistic creation dedicated to graphic and visual arts.

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What about «La Station»

Founded under the name «Association U-Zehn» by Théophile Glauser and Sébastien Doutaz in November 2011 in Neuchâtel, «La Station» is an association whose aim is the promotion of graphic, visual and printed arts. It also manages a cultural space with offices and workshops at moderate rents for independent artists and/or professionals. It also provides them with its cultural management skills, notably offering them support for the promotion and production of their works. This creative centre is a unique entity in the Neuchâtel landscape. Through exchange and artistic development, «La Station» has fostered numerous projects and synergies for over 10 years. In addition to the production of joint creations, its members regularly have the opportunity to develop their visibility and complementarity by joining forces with other cultural entities. This cohabitation allows a creative emancipation favourable to their individual and collective activities, but also to the other cultural actors of the Neuchâtel region (and further) who benefit from their interdisciplinary skills.

What is its purpose?

Since 2020, the association has been involved in the rehabilitation of the old Vauseyon (NE) water station into a new cultural centre and space for artistic creation. Its aim is to make the site more dynamic through a collective commitment that will benefit the municipality, local tourism, citizens and regional cultural players. Without forgetting the objective of preserving and maintaining a cantonal heritage. Named «La Station», this creative space stands out as a striking and atypical cultural link. The association develops it in such a way as to organise various public events each year and to encourage new collaborations. The aim is to revive an industrial wasteland that has been unused since 1975, in the same way as it did for the old Suchard factories in Serrières, between 2011 and 2019. Workshops, conferences, exhibitions, artistic residencies… so many possibilities with real added value for the association and its goals. «La Station» aims to develop regular or one-off cultural events from 2023. It also wishes to make its management skills available to enable its tenant members to set up events as a group or individually, always with the aim of promoting the arts. In addition to artists and professionals active in the graphic and visual arts, «La Station» welcomes other cultural entities within its walls so that they can benefit from its infrastructures for their own projects, whether public or not. By maintaining these multiple synergies, the association is active in promoting the implementation and influence of collective, multidisciplinary and unifying projects.

This is what I need backing for.

Your support will enable «La Station» to complete its ultimate stage of renovation, the attic. Current funding covers 98% of the budget. The missing CHF 7,000 will allow «La Station» to fit out the offices and artists’ studios planned for the attic, after renovation. If this amount is reached, or even exceeded, the association will be able to finalize this project, which began in March 2020. And the higher this amount is, the more the association will be able to imagine investing in public events and to see the future serenely and in a sharing spirit. The aim is to complete the renovation by the end of March, and to organise the official opening in spring 2023. This will be a unique opportunity to showcase this new creative space and cultural centre dedicated to the graphic and visual arts. To support us, we offer you a variety of deals. A selection of creations from the artists currently occupying the space, but also some proposals to participate in future public events. Finally, 3 deals offer you to become an official partner, in the name of your choice. «La Station» is a friendly place, dedicated to creation and sharing. This is your chance to participate by supporting us via Wemakeit.