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Good morning, Wasson, this is a response to your comment. I am Anabel Rodríguez, born in Caracas and artist after 25 years of steady sweat and work on ideas. Your opinion confirms in me the reason why I have been working in the village of Congo Mirador for over 4 years, to observe the manipulation to which it's people have been object to and the demagogy of the government, and of course, how this people have been neglected. There are deeper issues that we treat in the documentary too, like how the people of this village are divided, many times corrupted as well and do not come to an agreement on how to deal with the sedimentation of their village. The pollution of Maracaibo Lake is a fact as well as it is a fact the black out of information about it. In Venezuela there are no official figures about oil production and less of all about the very frequent spills of crude oil. It is a fact as well that the government through its propaganda are pretending to hide most of Venezuelan social and environmental problems. We put a magnifier in this village to understand the social relationships, the family relationships facing the threat to the existence of their village. And yes, we are critical to a demagogic, manipulative government. I guess your opinion comes from a socialist ideal point of view, and I can understand your anger with our project. But believe me, I am angry as well with what had happened in my country. Long before Chávez, I grew up within communist ideas and by 15 I have read the Manifiesto Comunista and so on. We had hopes when Chávez came into power and I got disappointed because he and his group put millions of weapons on society and inoculated the military and police mind in us. Not to talk on the enormous economical failure they produced. Nowadays most of my family and friends have lost over 8 kilograms of weight and meanwhile, the socialist lords are dining and wining. So yes, I am critical and believe in the power of a story well told, and I (we) research very hard and long in order to present a reality in it´s several aspects so every person can make his or her own ideas. I thank every one who is supporting this work and we will keep consistently working hard to stand for the trust put in us and in this project. Thanks Wasson! You made me write. VIVA VENEZUELA LIBRE.
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Hello, It causes a deep sadness and refusal to observe how «Venezuelan artists» manipulate the truth to show a distorted version of reality that responds to the interests of large multinational corporations preparing the ground for a surrender of the wealth of a country in search of its sovereignty And freedom ... These people with friendly faces and hidden interests are known in Venezuela as «sell country» are an example of how the psychological war of the manual of Gene Sharp operates in Venezuela.

If you really care about environmental issues, energy and sustainability for the benefit of people do not support false positives like these. Thank you.
Toll, dass Ihr es soweit geschafft hat. Das Projekt ist aktueller - und wichtiger - den je. Wir drücken die Daumen für den Rest der Wegstrecke. Das Bank Austria Kunstpreis-Team
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Liebe Bank Austria Kunstpreis-Crowdfunding Kollegen!

Da wir ja im gleichen Boot sitzen und ich finde, dass ein Projekt viel cooler ausschaut je mehr UnterstützerInnen es hat, wäre mein Vorschlag: lasst uns doch gegenseitig unterstützen!
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