A documentary about the small neglected village Congo Mirador, built on stilts in the middle of Lake Maracaibo (VE), Latin America's largest oil field. One village, one country, sinking in violence.

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What it is about?

For about 3 years we have been working on our documentary about Congo Mirador, a small village built on stilts in the middle of Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela), Latin America’s largest oil field. Despite literally «swimming in oil», the village is neglected and turning into a hostile swamp. One village, one country, sinking in violence.

We have been following the stories of several characters, the Chavist leader Tamara, the local teacher Natalie, 10 year old Yoaini and some others and are about to complete production.

So far we have been supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund, the Tribeca Film Institute, the Worldview Fund, Ibermedia, CNAC and Women Make Movies.

Now we need your help to be able to make the next crucial step in our project, to produce a rough cut that will enable us to proceed in raising further funds and complete the film.

This is why we need support

With the funds from this campaign we will buy the urgently needed new editing machine (ours cannot handle 4K) and pay an editor to produce a rough cut, which several new funders need to see before committing to the project. This is a crucial moment in the life of our project. With your help we can make it.


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