Lasting Beast explores the relation between two characters in a human size terrarium. Their relationship unfolds through parades and actions where human affects hybridize animal behaviours. In this flow of passions and conflicts, the boundaries between the human-animal-vegetal-mineral realms become porous and reveal a strange and viscous black matter.

What is it about?

This fiction film (19 min) is a collaboration between two artists and filmmakers, Nagi Gianni and Raphaëlle Mueller.

LASTING BEAST is a visual and sensitive exploration of two bodies that coexist in an abandoned space overgrown by micro-vegetation. The approach we have chosen to adopt is the observation of a life-size terrarium, where the subjects studied are not precisely animals but a woman and a man. The film unfolds the complexity of the relation to oneself and to the other, through desire and subtle forms of violence. Their relationship is nourished by the confrontation with their own animality and engenders a series of mutations.

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Project stakes

This project proposes a reflection of our capitalist society. Evacuating the hysterical rhythms of our daily life and eradicating all forms of technology, it allows us to focus on a human being in connection with his animality.

This film aims to highlight scales, boundaries and universes that surround us, but to which we usually only pay little attention (insects, plants, minerals for example). Therefore, our main challenge is to make the public aware of ecological stakes through an artistic approach.

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Who initiated this project?

Both of us are hyperactive artists. We have been collaborating since 2014 when suddenly the idea of making a movie seemed obvious to us. Indeed, we work together on the issue of cultural construction through handcrafts, transfers between the static body and the body in motion, and levels of perceptions that are not ours as human (animal perception, phenomenology of plants, etc.).


We need you!

We want to present LASTING BEAST this summer at film festivals and art spaces. That’s why we need your help!

We shot the film in the spring of 2016, with original scenography and costumes made by us. We had amazing performers: Lidia Kopina (Russia) and Valentin Puyau (France) in the main roles.

We mainly self-financed the production. This project – which we love and we’re sure you’ll love as well! – is already well advanced. Therefore, to be able to finish it we must now work with specific professionals in both audio and video fields, with calibrated tools for a professional outcome.

What will the raised funds be used for?

Thanks to you we will be able to finance the post-production of our film:

EDITING: Finalizing of the editing with a professional editor (shortcuts, etc) → CHF 1’000

COLOUR GRADING: Necessity of an important grading work to harmonize the colorimetry of the images. Therefore we need to work with experienced technicians in a professional room → CHF 1’000

SOUNDTRACK: The sound aspect of this short film is a very important element. A composer of contemporary music (electroacoustic) will join us for the creation of an original soundtrack. → CHF 2’000

MIXING: The second step in sound will be to work with a mixer to balance all the sounds that will compose the soundtrack. This requires studio work with professional equipment and experienced technicians. Access to a cinema room for professional mixing, calibration room broadcast (cinema). → CHF 1’000


May 2017: Finalization of the image editing (2-3 days)

May-June 2017: sound creation (10 days), sound mixing (2-3 days), image calibration (2-3 days)

From the end of June 2017: preparation of the broadcast in film festivals and art-spaces.

Acknowledgements and Rewards

To thank you for participating in this fabulous project, we invite all contributors to join us for the first screening of the film !!

To make a donation, you just have to create your free wemakeit account. You can, of course, choose your currency. The goodies will be sent to you during July 2017!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information :)