Free movie screening through the villages of Africa thanks to my bicycle

It’s been a bit over three months that I left Fribourg in Switzerland on my bicycle with the idea of arriving in Malawi in the next two or three years to help a NGO regreen the dry lands of Africa! But I want to do more than just ride my bicycle! Sorry Freddy ❤️! So I want to share culture with people and create temporary spaces where people can gather and exchange thoughts. In order to do so, I created Le Cinema Déambulant!

The idea is to show movies, for free, that talk about our environment but also smaller cultural films from all over the world that run in small festivals! And of course, I didn’t forget the kids! I’ll try to get our good friend Hayao Miyazaki to help us :)

How does the sustainable cinema work? It’s quite easy! When I’m not moving with the bicycle, I can connect a dynamo and transformator on the bike and as long as I or someone is pedaling, energy is produced! This energy is then transformed into electrical current and I can plug a beamer to show the movie. As long as we pedal, the movie runs!

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Is it a special project?

Well you decide. But for me, it sure is! It’s the first time I ask a community to help me for a project and that feels a little bit strange and nice at the same time. I’m currently in Spain heading towards Cadiz, there I want to find a sailboat to do the crossing to Morroco! So I might already be in Africa when this Crowdfunding comes to an end!

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Why help me?

I currently have a little more than 300€ to live and in order to realize this project, I need to buy material for the projections and make my bicycle fit for this new life :) The money will also help me pay for the rights of the movies and maybe for some visas to enter some countries! It’s a total non-lucrative project and the more money we can gather, the longer the project can exist!

So it would be a huge help and wonderful if you could take the time to share this with you friends and families!

Thanks a lot, David