This is what it's all about.

A bookshop-café and other pleasures in Saint-Ursanne. Books – new and second-hand. Stationery. Games and items made mainly Swiss made and eco-responsibly by people with disabilities. Local, home-made products. Meetings with authors, concerts, themed evenings, workshops, exhibitions…

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My project is special because ...

In the canton of Jura, there is nowhere offering at the same place books, snacks and cultural activities. There exists therefore a strong unmet need. Fully integrated in the town and the region, it will be a crossroads of life, encounters and sharing, allied with local Jura delicacies. A place of exchange and conviviality where everyone feels at home. It will participate in the vitality of the town centre. The bookshop-café will contribute to making culture accessible, to generating the curiosity of the public and to awakening everyone’s interest. It aims to be intergenerational and unifying. Dynamic, it will change in the course of the events organized in the surrounding area.

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This is what I need backing for.

  • To buy the stock of books (approx. 3000)
  • To offer quality stationery
  • To provide games and items made mainly by people with disabilities
  • To buy the stock of drinks (local, organic, home-made)
  • To buy office material (computer, printer, cash register etc.)
  • To buy furniture (bookcases, tables, chairs, armchairs, counter etc.)

If the financing should exceed the expected amount, the excess will allow an increase in the stock of books, various items and games. To create an e-business website. To buy projection material for film evenings. To create different spaces in the best way (for children, relaxation, exhibitions etc.)

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