le2dam #01 – debut CD

by le2dam


There are many pieces from female and male composers for Piano and trumpet from the last 100 years. We want to bring four of them to life, both on CD and in concerts.


EUR 5’525

100% of EUR 5’500

"100 %"
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

44 backers

Successfully concluded on 19/7/2018

Time runs - it's already Halfterm! 时间过得真快-已经过去快一半了!By le2dam, on 04/07/2018

Thank You so much for Your Support!

After a successful start we achieved our first milestone of 20 supporters! Now it’s time to spread the word us much as we can to achieve the first third and to get the second from Bank Austria.

We would like to ask you kindly help us! How? Like and repost our posts on facebook, spread the link of this project via Email, Textmessage oder Whatsapp, … or order some more CDs as Christmas presents :-) Everything counts!

Thank You for Your support! All the best from Vienna, le2dam, Le Liu and Damaris Richerts


我们已经有一个很好的开始,获得了超过二十个人的赞助。现在我们只要达到总金额的三分之一,就可以获得奥地利银行另外三分之一的奖励。 我们衷心希望你们能帮助我们在Facebook继续分享我们的帖子和转发我们的链接,比如发邮件或通过聊天工具等等。或者购买更多的CD作为圣诞礼物……任何一种形式。 非常感谢你们的赞助! 来自维也纳最美好的祝福! 乐达组合 刘乐和达玛丽丝