Les Argonautes set out to conquer a new epic!

Based in Geneva, Les Argonautes is an ensemble with variable geometry, specialising in baroque music. Guided by Jonas Descotte, the artistic director, the ensemble aims to give its performers freedom of choice and detail. Through this work of responsibility, a real connection is created between the participants: each person in turn becomes the guide of this music, guiding the others, and then handing over to the others.

This work will culminate in the recording of a CD which will immortalise two indisputable masterpieces by Purcell: the semi-opera «Dido and Aeneas» and as a prologue, some extracts from «Circe».

A dream come true for Les Argonautes

Today, we are calling on you for a recording project with the Aparté label. This is a dream opportunity for the ensemble. Such a prestigious label that is interested in the ensemble is a real chance, and if the health crisis is a hindrance to concerts, it is a wonderful opportunity to record music! For this, we have assembled a sensational artistic team, composed of great musicians, all already engaged on the international scene. Visit our website to discover the cast!

All the conditions are here for Les Argonautes to render this «Purcellian» masterpiece, with historical integrity and personal dynamism.

Les Argonautes need your help

This project could be the real thing that transforms Les Argonautes! Nevertheless, the recording of such an album represents a substantial budget. Your support will allow us to finance :

The work of our sound engineer, Nicolas Bartholomée and his label.
Recording, post-production, mastering, etc.

The rental of the Temple of Carouge where we will record as well as the instruments

Two days of intensive work in Geneva before the recording.

Photo and video coverage by Sallytm and Laure Subreville

Quite a programme!