What does a 2021 poet look like?

My name is Alizé. I’m often described as a passionate person who lives life to the fullest, a globetrotter or an adrenaline junkie. But I have a secret: behind all my tattoos and my adventurous side, I am also a poet.

To tell you the truth, I’ve been writing since I was a kid. Long before I started doing all those extreme sports or traveling. I started writing short stories or tales when I was a child, then song lyrics, pretending I was Celine Dion singing about her first school love.

Writing is almost a matter of survival for me. I write to continue to dream, to feel, to wonder, but above all: to put words on my emotions and understand them better. The world is a wonderful place, full of mysteries and lessons, and it is important to take the time to observe them - and to pass them on.

After having put writing aside during my university years, I started again in the last few years and wrote a whole series of poems on the theme of nature, inspired by my numerous travels in Switzerland and all over the world.

So here it is. My name is Alizé and I am a poet. I would like to publish my first poetry book and I hope I can count on you to realize this dream.

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What's special about my project

Working at wemakeit, I am inspired day by day by entrepreneurs from all kinds of backgrounds who are not afraid to follow their dreams and make it happen. I watch my little book of poems grow each year with new texts and I feel it is time to give wings to this poetry project, make these words come alive and travel through the eyes of readers.

After all, doesn’t poetry reach its full meaning when it is shared and can touch or inspire its readers?

Today, I would like to share my poems with you by publishing my first poetry book on the theme of nature - a topic that has always been my primary source of inspiration. I have carefully chosen and reworked each one of my texts with all my passion and my heart to gather them in this little book.

This project is special because it represents for me the «coming out» of my artistic side that has remained hidden for so many years. It is also a project of sharing, because each poem will be illustrated with photos from my travels in order to immerse the readers in my universe and emotions.

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This is what I need backing for.

Your support will be used to finance the self-publication of my first poetry book entitled «The whispers of nature». The financing will be done in two parts:

  • A first goal of CHF 1’500 will cover the publication of the first books that I will offer for pre-sale for Xmas so that you can share it with your friends and family. I have also planned Xmas cards with my poems as well as other rewards related to the theme of nature that you can discover on this page.

  • All the money that will be raised beyond this first objective will be used to finance a larger scale publication of my poetry book which will be sold to bookstores or other stores in Switzerland. Part of the money will also be used to support the work of my friends Jay and Charles from www.onestop.swiss who helped me make this crowdfunding video.

Curious to discover my poems and be inspired by Mother Nature? Don’t wait any longer! I’m counting on you to support my project and I’m looking forward to signing the book for you. Thank you a billion times over for your support.

PS: the book is in French, but I have also included an English series of poems for my English-speaking friends :)