The Scarves

The design of our scarves is inpired by the landscape and colours of Scotland, the Isle of Skye (blue) and Rannoch Moor (red).

the scarves are made of 100% British Wool

measurements are 195 x 48 cm

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Our scarves are handwoven in Scotland by Ashleigh Slater of Tartan Caledonia. The wool is sourced from Knoll Yarns, a small company based in the town of Ilkley in Yorkshire.

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Why should you buy a scarf and support our project?

Because you like it.

Because you believe in long lasting, good quality products. Because you want to know where your scarf is coming from and who procuced it. Because you love Scotland. Because you want to own a beautiful scarf that keeps you warm on fresh summer evenings and cold winter days.

In order to get the first batch of scarves into production, we need your help. With CHF 3500 we will be able to finance the minimum order of 20 items.

THANK YOU for your support!

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