Who is Wild Heart Conservation?

«Wild Heart Conservation» (WHC) is a conservation organization that was coined by Francois Meyer and Niall Beddy. The base is on a brink of a game reserve. The base ist called «Mutogomeli» which means protector. The company is now two years old and has two main pillars. First, the volunteers, also called volunteering program and second the protection of the animals on the game reserve. As a volunteer you get direct insight into the work of a nature conservationist on a game reserve. Volonteers over the whole world are coming to learn how to protect the beautiful nature of Africa in a sustainable way. At the moment the protection focus for the animals on this game reserve is on the rhinos.

 WHC was not yet an year old when due to a poached rhino bull the surveillance of the rhinos needed to be intensified. The rhinos are now being located on a daily basis. Two times a day and for 10 days in the month even in the night. This is an intense workload for the few present rangers and volunteers. But this workload is necessary because the poaching of rhinos has massively increased on the entire African continent. A sad and absolutely heartbreaking development of the past 5 years. WHC is working very close with the «Limpopo Rhino Security Group» to save them from poachers.

Why does WHC need a new car?

The problem child of WHC remains funding. WHC makes only a small profit off the volunteer who join the camp because most of it is used for food and accommodation for the volunteers. There are big projects on the table but one of them can be realized without money and in particular a new car. This new car has top priority on the wish list of the organization. The one now has an amazing number on the taco and even in my time at the camp the car stopped in the middle of the nowhere. 

 A mechanic coats money which is absolutely rare. A new car could help! And a new car would bring more volunteer to the camp and more volunteer would bring more money for the other important projects.

For which car are we exactly collecting funds?

If we manage to get all the necessary funds, we will look at two car options:

Option 1: This would be a small bus to pick up volunteers directly from Johannesburg. The 7-hour bus ride – even if it is very comfortable – to Luis Trichard would no longer be necessary. With this option, the camp would become even more interesting for future volunteers.

Option 2: This would be a new car for off-road driving. The stony and hilly landscape has taken its toll on the Landover. WHC has no money set aside but almost monthly they need to bring the car to the garage. And in that way they lose a lot of money. But the car is indispensable for the camp because only in that way the rhinos can be looked after twice per day. Also when I was there I experienced several times how the car stopped and we lost track of the rhino ladies. A new car would facilitate this.

As already mentioned, a new car would save time and money that could instead be used for WHC’s nature conservation.

Who is collecting the money for WHC?

My name ist Laura Knezevic. January this year I have been at the camp and words cannot describe what I’ve learned there! I really had the time of my life and it changed my view I have for nature and conservation completely! If you would love to read more about my time there have a look on my travel blog:


When I was there I realized that a external person should be in charge of financing a new car. Someone who is not involved in poaching and who can full-heartedly take care of financing this ideas. Ideas that sadly are almost impossible to realize if you are in the strict daily routine of a ranger or volunteer on the camp.

Thank you!

For your support I would like to thank you with all my heart! Every Euro with or without reward helps us a lot! Sharing on various social media channels and word of mouth would add to this!

Impressions to the rewards

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Get one of our fancy rhino shirt designed by the you young artist Sebastiano Pedrotti!

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