Liquids Coffee Dream

by Paola Picazo


I have a shop called Liquids. People can get awesome alternative drinks –100% PET, cans and multinational corporations free-. The only thing missing is coffee and that’s what my project is about!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 14/2/2016

What’s Liquids?

Liquids is a shop where people can get –from a bottle to ten cases!- of alternative drinks, which are not so easy to find elsewhere and which are 100% from small to medium producers, are packed in glass bottles and come from not «so far away».

Where’s Liquids located?

It’s in a privileged corner in the 3rd. district in Vienna. You can find us exactly by a tram station, between a tailors’s shop and a laundry saloon, very close to the Rochusmarkt, near to many offices, a museum, a school, a kindergarten and an Embasy, just behind the University of Music and Performing Arts.

What's special about Liquids?

It started as a plain shop with a nice concept, but it has evolved and a lot of magical and beautiful things are being going on. Liquids is now a sort of community place where awesome people meet and where a lot of projects take place. From our «pay forward system» to our «open bookshelf», from parties to performances, concerts and exhibitions, from book presentations to lectures on Physics, Liquids is a place open for diverse people and for new ideas and projects.

What’s Liquids Coffe Dream project about?

It’s mainly about offering coffee in Liquids, so I need your support to get:

  1. A coffee machine
  2. A coffee grinder
  3. The equipment besides (from table to paper cups, lids, to sugar and napkins)
  4. The supply of my own Blend of Coffee

What coffee do we want to offer in Liquids?

The best! That’s why I chose Daniel Moser. Not only because of their quality and very special way to make coffee from the «crop to the last drop», but because their way to make it, matches completely to the concept of my shop.

Who is behind this project?

Fortunately, I am very honored to count with the support of Mr. and Mrs. Schärf, the owners of Daniel Moser, a very well known coffee house and trade mark in Vienna. They already gave their «thumbs up» to the project and even helped me to figure out the rewards.

What would contributions bring?

With your gorgeous support and generosity, you are helping me to make this dream come true and furthermore, you are contributing to consolidate a place with an atmosphere where people can connect to each other, to keep and bring many other projects to life! Thanks a lot!