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Do you know what silence sounds like?

Deaf people know. In LISTEN deaf and hearing dancers together show how rhythmical a world and life without sound can be.


Do you know what music looks like?

After LISTEN you will know. The Basel percussionist, Fritz Hauser creates sound sculptures with wood and skin. The 11 dancers make it a symphony for the eyes.


Can you speak 6 languages ​​simultaneously?

No? Not a problem! In LISTEN there are 6 artists from 6 different countries with 6 different languages ​​on stage, German, English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and sign language. For 70 minutes 12 artists stand on stage in their own language, practically without words. Yet they understand it each other and the audience understands them as well.


Are you deaf or hearing?

It doesn’t matter. In LISTEN everyone understands – and it speaks to everyone: hearing, deaf, old, young, music and dance fans. The choreographer Kinsun Chan has created from contrasting ​​worlds, languages ​​and cultures, an extraordinary dance piece. With LISTEN you hear with the eyes.


Are your senses aroused to see LISTEN?

You can but we need your help. After last year’s premiere and 5 sold-out performances at the Tanzhaus Zurich, LISTEN has been invited for guest performance this years:


Do you already have seen LISTEN?

If yes, then we’re grateful, if you would help us to finance the tour. So other people will be able to enjoy LISTEN.


Why do we need you?

  • To ensure that all our artists can return to Switzerland from far and wide and dance for you.
  • So that we can hire the sign language interpreters, without whom we would be a confusion of Babylonian languages​​.
  • You make it possible for our dancers to rehearse, sleep somewhere and eat something.
  • So that we can transport our square matryoshkas on tour, which bring the sounds of Fritz Hauser on stage.
  • To make sure the costumes can grace the bodies of our dancers again and our technician can call the LISTEN cues in the right light.
  • To enrich YOUR life with these exceptional 70 minutes!

How it looks in our wallet?

  • Part of the costs and fees have been paid by the organizers who have invited us.
  • We also have a little money in the piggy bank. But we still lack over 30’000 Swiss Francs.


Stage: Corina-Arbenz-Roth, Edgar Barão, Sarah Braschler, Michał Czyż, Tiago Gomes, Cibylle Hagen, Ibis Hernández, Wencke Kriemer de Matos, Reinier Powell, Beatriz Selinger, Janine Trachsel Music live: Fritz Hauser Concept, Choreography: Kinsun Chan Stage design: Peter Burkhardt Costume: Anna Schnyder Technic, Light: Martin Burkhardt Sign language coach: Katja Tissi Head of Production: Niels Water, Ruedi Graf

These are our tour partners:

TanzPlan Ost, Rote Fabrik Zürich, IGGH, sichtbar GEHÖRLOSE ZÜRICH

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