This is what it's all about.

With 35% of the total emissions in Switzerland the construction sector is the largest emitter of CO2. Therefore, requirements are placed on future buildings: massive reduction of CO2 emissions in construction and operation, use of natural, sustainable materials, closing of cycles, reduction of waste. With the LIVO project, sustainability can be experienced and learned. The project is intended to be a model example of a sustainable, circular and sufficient construction industry. A space is being created on the Volta Nord area in Basel that invites you to linger and chat. A place that reflects the values ​​of a sustainable society through its openness to everyone, the natural materiality and its concept of cycles. The structural basis for this is LIVO: It is modular, very space-efficient and thus makes smaller free areas in building zones as well as fallow and temporary use areas quickly, with little space consumption and attractive and energy-efficient thanks to its shape and equipment habitable.

The ’Wohnstube, café which is integrated in the building, is to have the character of a living room with second-hand furniture from Basel boutiques. Books can be read, exchanged or simply placed in the library in the living room.

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My project is special because ...

LIVO closes cycles. Be it the water, electricity or biogas cycle and thus the small buildings are self-sufficient. In addition, neither glue nor screws are required for the construction and the building can be both erected and dismantled in just one day. This gives temporary use areas a whole new meaning. We don’t just see LIVO as a single house, we are already thinking of small settlements. Communities that can arise, because it’s about more than just ecological construction, it’s a lifestyle!

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This is what I need backing for.

Such a construction is associated with a great financial outlay. However, the LIVO project should also be an option for socially disadvantaged people. Because the more houses are produced, the cheaper each additional house becomes. We want to be able to offer affordable, healthy living space in the city. The project should now take shape for the first time and you can make the construction possible with your contribution!