Project Description


My name is Danny LoCascio. I am an American freelance photographer and musician living in Vienna, Austria. My musical moniker is Danny Chicago. I have resided in several countries as an international school teacher, including Morocco, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and now Austria.

During the Corona lockdown, I went out at night through the streets of Vienna to photograph the empty city in black and white. I captured worried people in their masks and the general feel of the city during lockdown along with studies of well-known Vienna landmarks in the surreal night atmosphere.

After sharing some of the photographs on social media I received many requests to compile these photographs into a book.

For your contributions you can see there are many perks based on the amount.

All donations will be used towards the production of the book. If, for any reason, the book publication is halted, all funds will be returned in full to each donor.

Thank You and Stay Safe Danny LoCascio

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Value and Significance

This book will be valuable on several levels. First, it will be a beautiful coffee table style book containing high quality photographs. Secondly is will have value as a record of this very unique time in history. Thirdly the book will be a Vienna keepsake for those that live or have lived here.

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This is What I Need Backing For

My financial goal is 6000 Euros, which will cover the cost of physically producing 500 copies of the book as a first run. All other costs, advertising, promotion and distribution will be covered by the publisher, Home Town Media. and Metropole Magazine.