The first vegan cake shop in Zurich

LoLa’s Kitchen serves up an array of delicious vegan cakes and treats without gluten, dairy or refined sugar. We deliver our goods to our clients on order. LoLa’s Kitchen bakes for public and private events, as well as for local suppliers in Zurich.

Now it’s finally time to take LoLa’s Kitchen to the next step and open our vegan cake shop so our community has a place to spend time together, have workshops and eat delicious vegan cakes.

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From online shop to physical shop

Better together is our mindset. Since Spring 2018 we are able to do what we love and deliver our vegan cakes to our clients in Zurich. There’s a big community and a lot of support behind LoLa’s Kitchen. Many clients have ordered their cakes online or were able to get a piece at one of our pop-up shops, but now it’s time to open our very own vegan cake shop, the first one of it’s kind.

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Building LoLa's Kitchen

We found the perfect location in the heart of Zurich for our vegan cake shop. Now we need your support to be able to rebuild the place and buy all the furniture and tools we need to make it our future spot for vegan cakes and more.

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