Why to support this film?

It is the first time a co-production within a short fiction is launched between Prague’s Film Academy FAMU and Israeli SAPIR COLLEGE: My 30 minute journey-film leads us from vibrant Tel Aviv to the era of South Israel and the boarder with Gaza to the Negev.

What is the origine of the film’s idea

My personal journey to Israel in August 2005 during the withdrawal of the settlements and Israeli forces from Gaza.

This january, I returned after ten years back to Israel and started to develop this film that is based on my own story.

The young soldier, who got a call back into the Israeli Army, my protagonist is searching for, isn’t to be found through the whole film. It isn’t a sad story though but a hopeful one.

The several men appearing in the film serve as a protection scale of who Ben, the israeli soldier, really is.

The genre of the film is a «journey-movie» since I am interested in the philosophical approach and the inner motivation of a character to go on a «journey» per se.

Mood board

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Who stands behind the project?

Director and writer Fiona Ziegler, cameraman Tomáš Pavelek, Sound-Master Martin Kuhn and Film-editor and dramaturge Luka Djiakovic have successfully collaborated together in earlier projects in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Main lead of the film is Czech actress Veronika Lapková.

The male parts will be covered by israeli actors.

The project is supported by the two film institutions FAMU and SAPIR COLLEGE and by the Czech Ministry of Culture.

The production is managed by Michal Kráčmer, Alžběta Janačková, Martina Netiková and Tal Dorot.

The pedagogical supervisors are Avner Fangulernt, Bohdan Sláma, David Jařab, Petr Marek, Martin Režníček and Pavel Jech.

What is our motivation?

To build a bridge between two extremely different cultures and mentalities while both have a film-tradition marked through strong film language with metaphorical poetics that likes to play with a unique sense of humour and a kafkaesque sense of absurdity.

My personal motivation as writer and director of this project is to take the audience to a journey into a region that appears in many breaking news but only a few people really experience the absurdity of the acceptance of state of war in an every day life.

Since the story is told through the point of view of a young woman, who is suddenly facing a complete different reality, it isn’t a political statement but rather a personal journey in which my protagonist finds out, that searching for somebody you love leads eventually back to yourself and can open your eyes towards a new perspective.

Why do we need your support?

Simply because it is a rather courageous and visionary project that needs any possible support to become real.

What we need your money for?

We are currently missing CHF 3000 to fully cover our production expenses. This missing CHF 3000 cover expenses like the rental of film equipment (mostly camera and sound) as well as locations and transportation.

When and where can you see the film?

In the winter term at the film’s première in Bern, my home town, to which all of you will be warmly invited. The film’s premiere will hopefully be combined with a film screening of internationally well acclaimed Czech Film Director Bohdan Sláma since I think that it will be interesting for Bern’s audience to get a taste of the contemporary Czech film scene. The film’s discussion will be supported by original Czech beer.