We try to support local Indonesian farmers through direct purchase from them at fair prices. No middlemen, direct from the farmer to you.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 20/11/2014

Kopi Luwak

The coffee berry is one of the favorite food for Luwaks. The Luwak will only eat coffee berries that has been ripe perfectly. Because of its weak digestion, coffee beans are not crushed, so it can come out with the civet droppings.

Our Kopi Luwak was collected from Wild Luwak which live free in the forest. Our Kopi Luwak came from more than 21 villages in Takengon, Aceh. Our farmers collected all the coffee beans in the morning. They are going to forest to collecting Luwak feces.

Supplier Local Responsibilities

Deep in the Sumatran jungle lies the Gibbon Ridge Estate – a 200 hectares stretch of land in the centre of an idyllic coffee growing region. Next door is an additional 100 hectares of smaller, locally grown plantations of developing Arabica coffee trees.

These farms are surrounded by virgin rainforest teeming with wildlife such as orangutans, monkeys, tigers, cobras, and of course civet cats. All farms are carefully managed in the most eco-friendly ways by our supplier. We consider this just another part of our responsibility to preserve the delicate natural balance of the local eco system.

Why should you support this project?

I have more than twenty years experience as a chef and worked in different countries in the last fifteen years. I recognized many different cultures and learned how important it is to prepare meals and drinks source quality products. Indonesia has a very good production of food and drinks on the basis of Bio. By supporting local production follows this project preservation of traditional agriculture. Support comes directly selling products for ensuring maximum possible sales prices.

I believe that successful completion of the project will provide better business conditions in the region and allows natural civet cat breeding in the wild.

Use of collected funds

Of the total amount of the project 40% are for the completion of the web portal and complete the distribution of coffee to select business partners and retail customers. 35% going to the overall promotion promotions including dating service for catering equipment. 25% is earmarked for training local farmers to increase their productivity, compliance with manufacturing and hygiene practices.

Thank you very much for Supporting World Trade project – and please spread the word!

Kopi Luwak Feces – Collecting Process

Kopi Luwak Feces – Sorting and Cleaning

Green Bean Kopi Luwak sorting – Manually by hand