Do magic rituals work? Do they work in digital space too?

In a pilot project the oldest nuclear plant of the world is going to receive magic protection.

Help to build the Magic Fence for Beznau

As reward for your donation you can add your magic sign or magic spell.


Security of Nuclear Plants

Safety of nuclear power plants is vital. Every conceivable measure should be undertaken to prevent further nuclear disasters: even magic

Regarding the existence of magic practices throughout all cultures and times a complete denial of their impact would be grossly negligent*.

Magic Fence is going to close this security gap providing protection by a magic fence


Magic on the Internet

The power of a magic fence emerges from collective action. Every- body can participate adding his/her personal piece of magic to it. In this way it will be growing until the needed length 1291** meters is achieved to close a magic circle around the nuclear plant.

Backup Copy

Nuclear waste will survive the internet. For this reason a materialized backup of the magic fence is going to be produced, a 1291m length of cloth (Digital print on organic cotton)***. It is going to be stored at a safe place until it will escort the last radioactive remains of the plant to final storage, where magic force will act for eternity.


Magic Fence

The magic fence is braided from fancy flowerd spiny rose tendrils – which might preserve magic for at least one hundred years as it is told in the fairy tale of the sleeping beauty. Amulets, protective symbols, talismans, charms, prayers and incantations are going to be networked into the squares of this braid.


Magic Signs

The selection of magic items is oriented towards specific dangers of nuclear power. It results from a long-time intercultural research.

Each magic sign, you add to the magic fence, is sent to you as a PDF for printing. You can hang it up in your home to strengthen the effect or event better put it to the real fence.

Magic Spell

Beside the selection of magic signs you also can add a text of your own to the fence. This could be a magic spell, a wish, a statement or just your name. Note that a magic spell at the real fence will strengthen the power of your words.

Information about all Magic Sings view here:

Magic Fence measures now 24 meters

Already now you can watch a first length of the magic fence in the internet. During the Wemakeit campaign it will be growing piece by piece through each of your donations.


Magic Fence is going to be realized in to steps:

  1. Pilote project: Magic Fence for Beznau, Wemakeit.
  2. Interactive website for the construction of magic fences for further nuclear plants


Magic force is based on collective acting. For this reason the project is going to be financed through the crowd. CHF 21.212 correspond to the printing costs of 1291 meters of fabric. It is the minimal amount of money to realize a magic protection fence for Beznau.

Why do we want to exceed CHF 21.212

With your donation exceeding the goal we will be able to finance the interactive website to provide magic protection to further nuclear plants. Conception and programming of the website CHF 50.000

Magic Fence grows in parallel with the campaign on wemakeit

As soon you have chosen a magic item or a spell we add it to the fence. Even if the goal shouldn’t be reached this length of digital fence will remain. Magic force is your will to act.


*Atomic cult: Regarding the survival of mythological traditions though very long periods of time scientists discuss the installation of an atomic cult to warn mankind even in 10.000 years against the nuclear disposal sites.

**AXPO did not provide any numbers, so the length was measured by the public maps of GOOGLE.

***Vegetal fibers can survive very long periods of time when they are stored correctly – papyri and linen textile in Egyptian pyramids prove it.

Informations about Copa & Sordes

Copa & Sordes is an art project by Birgit Krueger and Eric Schmutz. Under the term of human conditions they cooperate in the zones of interference of everyday life and the arts.

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Copa & Sordes ist ein Kunstprojekt von Birgit Krueger und Eric Schmutz. Unter «Human Conditions» arbeiten wir seit 1995 an den Schnittstellen von Kunst und Alltagskultur.