We are nasire, a young Swiss label and we want to open our first own store in Marrakesh. Join us on this adventure!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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What: Maison nasire

nasire is a young brand that designs leather products in Zurich and manufactures them in Marrakesh. nasire was born out of the joy of traveling and the interest in other cultures. After long preparations, we dared to launch our products and ever since we have pleased a lot of costumers with our pieces. As a next step, we want to open our own store in the heart of the Medina: Maison nasire.

Why: to connect worlds

Who doesn’t know Marrakesh may be surprised by our undertaking. We too, only used to draw inspiration from Morocco and appreciate its skillful handcraft. But distribution would remain in Switzerland. However, Marrakesh evolved as a hotspot for travellers all around the world. Exchange of cultures comes into existence, driven by a young, creative and cosmopolitan part of Moroccan society that believes in the future of Morocco.
nasire is part of that movement and with maison nasire we want to take what we have always been doing – to connect worlds – even further. Our creative hub, consisting of Lisa Ochsenbein and Lukas Helfer, both from the Zurich University of Arts, is located in Zurich. It’s the two founders Matteo Lettieri and Michael Lütolf as well as Stéphanie Scholl that transfer our ideas to Morocco. And Ibrahim takes over in Marrakech. He is our team member from Morocco and born in the Atlas Mountains. With a Swiss architect and friend of ours, we are finalizing the concept of the store. The realization will be in cooperation with local craftsmen and materials that are typically used in Morocco.

This collaboration will take even further what we learned to appreciate on our journey of producing bags in Marrakesh. And it’s the same mindset that will live on in our store: A dialog between two cultures and the establishment of a duality consisting of two completely different worlds.

How: with your support

Even though the course of our young brand is satisfying, as a self-financed start-up in the challenging consumer goods market we are always hard-pressed for money. The means of production have to be financed in advance and salaries have to be paid. To realize maison nasire we are dependent on funds amounting to CHF 27’000. If we get the money we will use it for:

  • The design and production of maison naisre’s furnishing which will be crafted in collaboration with local carpenters, metalworkers, lamp and mirror manufacturers.
  • The payment of the last steps of the renovation. Specifically, the refurbishment of the windows and the installation of the infrastructure (electricity, plugs, internet) for a smooth operation of the store.
  • The safeguarding of fair wages and the rental costs for the first couple of months to promote the store.

We aim to open maison nasire in the Fall of 2017 just right for the high season. It will be possible with your help!

As a supporter, you will be part of the nasire adventure. We gathered exclusive rewards for you and we want to show you our Marrakesh in particular. Let Marrakesh take your breath away! You will find some inspiration in the gallery below:

  • Overnighter red O349
    Overnighter red O349
  • Overnighter red O349
    Overnighter red O349
  • Riad BE
    Riad BE
  • Weekender black W868
    Weekender black W868
  • Weekender black W868
    Weekender black W868
  • Marrakech Streetfood
    Marrakech Streetfood
  • Tote grey T110
    Tote grey T110
  • Laptopcase blue T525
    Laptopcase blue T525
  • Beni Ourain Carpet
    Beni Ourain Carpet
  • Moroccan Spoons
    Moroccan Spoons
  • Keychain blue K525
    Keychain blue K525
  • Keychain grey K110
    Keychain grey K110
  • Moroccan Babouche
    Moroccan Babouche
  • Moroccan Street Scene
    Moroccan Street Scene
  • Riad «Maison des Amis»
    Riad «Maison des Amis»