Up to date! The Schnaps of the Brunschwiler distillery are MODERN. AS DIVERSE AS YOUR LIFE. 100% Swiss. Support our mission #makeschnapsgreatagain.

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Schnaps has an old-fashioned reputation and the current sales of our distillery Brunschwiler and many distilleries in Switzerland suffer from this. But we find Schnaps to be very trendy and associate it with joy & friends. We want to share this joy with you and invite you to support our mission. The goal of this mission is that our Schnaps is perceived in a modern way, that you use it in different variations (e.g. in cocktails) and that all ingredients are 100% Swiss.

Our Schnaps:

MODERN - Our Schnaps are not only an experience for your taste, but also a real eye-catcher. We pursue our mission with great attention to every detail and manufacture each bottle by hand. Our labels are designed by young artists from the region.

AS DIVERSE AS YOUR LIFE - With our spirits we want to create a pleasure experience for you that is as diverse as your life. We present multifaceted cocktails in which schnapps plays the main role and recipes for very special moments. Pure, it remains a classic.

100% Swiss - For us, quality begins with the fruits and herbs that grow in the meadows of local farmers. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients of Switzerland.

This is what we need backing for.

That the Brunschwiler distillery will continue to produce for you in the future - delicious schnapps with a lot of heart - we need your support on our mission #makeschnapsgreatagain.

With your support you help us to ensure the first sales for the new Schnaps (e.g. printing plates for the new labels, alcohol tax, packaging) and at the same time to start the next steps for the expansion of a diverse assortment.

Cheers to you and a diverse life!