This is what it's all about

One in three people worldwide is forced to dispose of their waste inadequately.

This causes disease, pollutes the oceans and contributes to the global climate crisis.

With our social enterprise Malio, we are tackling this problem.

With Malio, we collect and recycle the waste of Toliara, a coastal town with 325,000 inhabitants in the south of Madagascar. Through our work, we improve local living conditions, promote innovation in the circular economy and contribute to a cleaner and healthier future for all.

Out of the collected waste we produce compost and briquettes and thereby reduce plastic pollution, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

We (Astrid, Jakob, Kennedy and Cedric) founded Malio in 2020. Our motivation is to take action against the growing global waste pollution and climate change.

We took over Toliara’s waste system in early 2021 with our own private financial resources with the aim of building a financially sustainable business that improves the local living conditions. To achieve this, we sell compost and briquettes and offer waste services to businesses. At the moment we are not able to cover our costs and are now looking for support.

To take Malio one step closer to financial sustainability and collect and recycle 1,800 tonnes of the city’s waste, we need your support!

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Ten reasons to support this project

  1. We reduce greenhouse gas emissions by composting organic waste.

  2. We reduce deforestation by producing briquettes that are used as an alternative to firewood.

  3. We create local jobs and support families in the process.

  4. We improve the quality of life in Toliara and thus have a direct impact on the well-being of all residents of the city.

  5. We improve the health of the residents of Toliara.

  6. We reduce plastic pollution and thus relieve the burden on the ocean and nature.

  7. All funds go directly to Madagascar and are used exclusively for waste collection, separation and recycling.

  8. We pass on our knowledge. We build up local expertise.

  9. We work in close cooperation with the local government and population.

  10. We build a financially sustainable urban waste management system.

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This is what we need support for

To give our social enterprise a further boost and increase our impact, we need your support before we are able to cross-fund urban waste management with other revenue streams.

With your support towards the CHF30,000, we can collect, recycle and dispose 1,800t of waste and directly impact the lives of 325,000 people.

Your support will help us attract more customers for our services and products to cross finance the urban waste management.

The funds raised go entirely towards paying the salaries of our employees who collect, sort and produce compost and briquettes from the waste, as well as the fuel and maintenance of our trucks.