Mané : First EP

von Mané Bischof


Mané is a young swiss pop singer/songwriter who just released her first single «All I Need». She is now preparing a first EP for Fall 2017 and needs your help to make it come alive.

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Mané : First EP

Who’s this girl ?

Mané is a young pop singer/songwriter from Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Does she already have some music out?

She released her first single «All I Need», arranged by producers Yaacov Salah and Meïr Salah (Slimane, Marina Kaye). She also released a music video for it, directed by Mei Fa Tan.

  • What is she working on right now?

She is now preparing the release of her first EP for Fall 2017.

  • Why does she need your support?

Mané is an independent artist and needs your support to make her EP come alive. For the past 10 years, she has invested all her time, hard work and resources in her music.
Her purpose in Life is to share her passion with her fans and she needs help to keep nurturing her art.

  • Do you want to be a part of her story?

You can help her out by participating in the making of this CD and receive exclusive gifts and prizes in exchange.

Creating an EP : The Magical Recipe

There are magical and essential ingredients needed in order to create an EP … So what kind of costs will your investment support?

  • The musicians’work in the studio
  • The producers’work : They are the ones who arrange the songs
  • The hours of Voice Recording in the studio
  • The mix engineer’s work on the songs
  • The mastering of the songs
  • The pictures for the EP cover and the inside leaflet
  • The design of the EP cover
  • The CD shipping and printing
  • Promotion tools for the EP

Be part of the story

What will you receive in exchange of your support ?

Mané offers you a wide selection of rewards to choose from, in exchange of the amount you would like to invest in her project.

Examples : She will write and record a song especially for you - You will be invited to travel to Paris and go in the recording studio with her - You’ll have a private gig in your living room …

Wether you would like to participate for yourself or offer something to a friend, the choice is yours!

If you have any questions, feel free to message Mané at : and she will reply with pleasure.

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