What it’s about

Me and my trio would like to record our next album in Berlin!

It’s of course an expensive project. And we don’t have enough money ourselves to realize it (because we are jazz musicians and jazz musicians even if they work hard don’t have a lot of money :)). We need your help! I’m starting this we make it because we need your support!

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Who are we?

Martin Perret (drums) and Lukas Traxel ( bass) and me would be really really happy to be able to record this album at the end of our German tour (beginning of march). We feel ready for a new album. We still have a lot of new things to tell in our music! If you help us you will be rewarded !! with a lot of nice stuffs!!

Why Berlin?

Because it’s a very inspiring city, that i live there and because the trio will be there for the very last concert of the tour.

It’s a very good occasion for us to record at that time. It’s a crucial moment to catch after playing a lot of concerts together.

Thank you already to everyone who will be interested in this «wemakeit»!!