Discover my innovative marketplace! With discussion forums, weekly car updates, and environmentally friendly initiatives. For every listing, a tree is planted.

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Automobile Marketplace

Our innovative marketplace stands out from conventional platforms by placing community interaction at its core. Through integrated features such as commenting functions and a discussion forum on our homepage and beneath news articles, we foster exchange and discussion among users. Our focus is on the automobile market, where we publish exciting updates and news weekly. In addition to standard listings, we also offer a special notice board for automotive tenders. Furthermore, we are committed to the environment: For every posted listing, we plant a tree, further emphasizing our attractive pricing offer. This marketplace is not just a platform but a community that grows together and values sustainability.

Sustainable Buying & Selling

Tree planting may not be the sole solution, but it’s undoubtedly a step in the right direction. By connecting technology, software, and the consumer, we’re forging a link to sustainability within society.

I need support for this.

The second biggest hurdle of a marketplace, after creation, is the customer base. To generate both supply and demand on a website simultaneously requires a significant marketing budget. Since I don’t have this, we will move the marketplace forward together here.

Extrem hohe Kosten dominieren die Schweizer Online-Automobilmarktplätze
Extrem hohe Kosten dominieren die Schweizer Online-Automobilmarktplätze