The Space. The Trance. The Future.

We are Mary-Ann Kiefer from Vienna and would like to kindly entrust the Internet with the responsibility of whether there will be a new physical release from our EP soon. It has already been 8 years since our first and last album «dits&dots». Since then we have been writing new songs and have taken our time to explore every last corner of them.

Three songs from this period made it onto our new EP «The Space. The Trance. The Future.» - 21 minutes of adventurous ride between noise rock, electronica and post punk, in which we sampled an army of synthesizers and instruments back and forth, pushing them into drum’n’bass experiments, tropical vibes and nostalgic emocore.


For us it is a special matter of the heart to bring the whole thing to a completion and into your hands. It was a lengthy tour de force, which even required an almost two year band break in order to find common ground. Fortunately, a fairy once appeared to the three of us in a dream and told us to pull ourselves together and finally go into the studio.

Then, there is Werner Thenmayer, a producer who has gone through the madness of spending a week with us in October 2019 at Elephantwest Audio in Vienna. Some hundreds of overdubs later we handed over his mix to Kassian Troyer from Berlin, who mastered the EP and will also do the master cuts for the vinyl production.

The pressing of the vinyl will be commissioned to Austrovinyl here in Austria. We decided on a transparent record - as a contrast to the insane artwork of the Düsseldorf artist Maxim Rogalski. He not only designed the cover of the record, but also captured the compositional absurdities of each track in his illustrations.

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R.I.P. King Hazelnut, who fell against the Chinese Army

Thanks to the support of the SKE-Fonds, with which we could finance the production of the three songs, we can now offer you the vinyl almost at our purchase price. So your invested money goes directly into the production of the physical record as well as of the prints of the artwork. We will certainly deposit some copies in relevant record stores, but after this crowdfunder the record will no longer be available at this price.

We are also pleased to announce our cooperation with Vinylograph from Vienna, through which we can offer a very exclusive treat: a strictly limited TONBILDPOSTKARTE by Vinylograph, also illustrated by Maxim. On its sound groove it features a new edition of the lost fourth number «King Hazelnut vs. the Chinese Army», which did not make it onto this EP. We also invite you to take a digital tour through our sound worlds, including an ONLINE LISTENING SESSION of a previously unreleased track - pandemic-suitable and hosted at Mozilla Hubs. Or you can buy the FRIENDS PACKAGE, which includes our release together with some more records from other musicians in our scene.

If you want to give us a special honour, you can also order a REMIX of one of your tracks, or have us create a unique SOUNDTRACK COMPOSITION for a movie or game. We have often heard that our music would be very suitable for this. Let’s give it a try!

We also want to let you know that we will mention every supporter in the artwork by their names. We thank you already for your support!

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