Purchase and transformation of a grotto: it will become an ecological, vegetarian and naturalistic island, Bringing lovers of nature, trekking, climbing and vegetarian sympathizers.

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Successfully concluded on 28/9/2019

Mate y Moka

The Mate y Moka project consists of the purchase and transformation of an already existing grotto in the Bavona valley, in the small municipality of Sonlerto.

The Bavona Valley is known for the Foroglio waterfall, for its countless climbing, hiking and outdoor activities. Also is well known for the beauty for its ancient buildings among the boulders. This attracts thousands of tourists a year, both local and from other countries. The Val Bavona does has no electricity, therefore it lives on solar panels and this makes the valley ecologically interesting and attractive.

Mate y Moka wants to distinguish itself, from the numerous existing grottos, offering only vegetarian dishes, through our products grown in the ground and using as more as possible local products from the area.

Tourists can sleep in one of the three rooms already present in the house, or in one of the 3 yurt that plan placed in the ground. Yurt are Traditional Mongolian round tent.

In the new Mate y Moka grotto we will organize nature-related events, spiritual retreats, yoga classes, summer courses for kids related to nature. We will give life to the new ’Mate y Moka’ grotto, bringing lovers of nature, trekking, climbing and vegetarian sympathizers.

Mate y Moka wants to distinguish itself, from the numerous existing grottos, offering only vegetarian dishes

We are new parents, both vegetarians, and both passionate about the ecological movement.

The main objective is to offer both the tourist and the inhabitants of the valley, an alternative to a hectic life and an alternative to meat. We live leaving big footprints on the earth and often it seems to us the only way to live justifying that the alternative is utopia, that there is no time for change. We propose a vacation in which one’s well-being, both physical and mental, is in the first place.

The project is innovative starting from the fact that a grotto proposes exclusively vegetarian dishes. It is an innovative project because it is located in auncontaminated area and the real innovation today we believe is to go back to a more simple way of life and not pursue technology and materialism.

The Bavona Valley is located in an area that is little manipulated by man, so it is a perfect valley to promote mountain activities while minimizing the impact, letting the valley continue in its natural way of being, enhancing it without transforming it.

We are looking for lenders to purchase the grotto

The grotto with 4000m2 of land costs 480,000.-, the renovation and purchase of yurts costs around 200,000.-.

We are looking for a financial help of 40,000 to satisfy the bank’s request. The canton will instead help us with the restructuring.