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That’s what it’s all about

For my Matura-paper, I have made a cosplay of Kili the dwarf from the third Hobbit film. Due to the fact that I am not that muscular, I made a muscle suit out of an old pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, where I sewed the most important muscles out of a thermoplastic material on.For the chainmail, I had bought a 2 mm thick wire, which I wrapped around an old wooden fork in order to craft rings. These I connected to each other with a special technique to get the chainmail. The finished one weights roughly 15 kg.The clothes which he wears under the armour, I sewed out of normal fabric.The armour was the most difficult part of the whole cosplay. I drew for each part a patter, which I cut out of foam rubber. Each piece I copied onto a synthetic material called worbla, which gets formable when heated up. Between the two layers of worbla, I placed the foam rubber, heated the whole thing up to get a nice armour part. By heating it up, I could form each piece and glue to various pieces together because hot worbla sticks to itself. In the end, I pained the armour in the corresponding colours.The shoes I bought in a normal store, however I coated them with leatherette. The goal of this project is to get a costume which I can wear and which looks like Kili’s.Due to the fact that the closing date is already in December, I have already finished a big part of it.

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That’s why I need your financial suport

The materials I used for the cosplay are extremely expensive. Because I am a student, I don’t have time to work besides school. I also don’t want my parents to pay the whole costs, because they already pay my education. Therefore I would be grateful for your financial support.