Maturarbeit: BMX-Video

de Tim et Miro


A four minute long BMX film with special «Sin City»-effect, steadycam, helmet camera and numerous amazing jumps... and hopefully not too many crashes.

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Clôturé avec succès le 12.6.2014

Background and Content

We plan as «Maturarbeit» at our school, the NKSA, to shoot a four minutes long BMX-movie, which includes mainly freestyle tricks in skate- and dirtparks. Additionally are total views of the parks and the quiet landscape to generate contrast.


To make our film interesting we use close-up shots, slow-motion/time-lapse-sequences and focus shots. We analyse videos of other artists and try to find well-done aspects to integrate them in our project.


To set our movie apart we are going to shoot on different locations (Aarau, Basel, Hitzkirch, Lenzburg) and we will edit the shots with the «Sin City»-effect to specialize them even more. That means we take out all colours except of one shiny object like the orange BMX or a coloured T-shirt.

Special Techniques

Our film should stand out through the use of a helmet cam, a steadycam and a drone.

Your Part

And it is exactly there, where we need your help! We are motivated and eager to realize our project, but to rent the tools for our movie, like a steadycam or the organization of a drone pilot, we need you!