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The last trip...

It is tradition that the senior classes take a culturally rich trip for one week in Autumn to celebrate that they will graduate in June. Not only is it for the fact of graduation but also for growing closer in the last year of school. This is what we are planning. Our class would like to take a trip to Thessaloniki to learn more about Greek history and culture, to discover a city with important artifacts and to explore a new way of living. The culture of Greece was the main interest of the class, and we are very keen on keeping our schedule. Of course two teachers will accompany our class on the trip and participate at everything we will do.

My project is special because ...

It’s our last year of school together and the past 3 years we’ve had a marvelous time. We want to celebrate this by taking this trip to Thessaloniki and at the same time get to know a city and a country most of us have never seen before. This trip is special because it is filled with a cultural program, made especially to suit our demands of learning something every day and at the same time, relax and enjoy the many beautiful things Thessaloniki has to offer us.


This is what I need backing for.

The money collected with wemakeit will be used to pay for the flights and hotel, the entry-fees of the attractions and for the two dinners we will have on the first and last evening of the trip. None of the money collected will be distributed for anything else but those activities. Naturally we will also conduct other events in order to receive funding, such as spaghetti-evening, bake sales, working at events like marathons etc etc.