Fashion has been a passion since we were little girls. Growing up, we could not ignore the negative impacts of the fashion industry anymore. The fashion industry not only contributes to the deterioration of our planet, but it also impacts its workers, whose basic human rights are not always respected.

In September 2019, we decided to respond to the negative impacts of the fashion industry by creating our own eco-responsible and ethical swimwear line.

We also have decided to respond to the negative impacts of our society on self-image and self-esteem.

It seems that us women share the same vulnerability when it comes to buy or to try on swimwear. If the bikini doesn’t fit, we feel that our body is the problem and that we need to change it. But the truth is: the bikini is the problem, not your body.

For these reasons, we also undertook the mission to create high-quality pieces that enhance and fit all curves and body types.

We want to give you the choice among trendy pieces, with different levels of coverage and support - from XS to XXL.


Swimwear for everyBODY and shape, high-quality and eco-responsible fabrics, a positive and empowered community.

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TRENDY DESIGNS FOR EVERY BODY TYPES Our priority: to create high-quality, trendy and feminine pieces with options for every body types. From XS to XXL.

ECO-RESPONSIBLE FABRICS Our swimsuits are made from Econyl®, which is nylon regenerated from waste from oceans and landfills. It includes, for example, industrial plastic, fishing nets, fabric scraps or even old carpets. Econyl® is a 100% recycled and recyclable material.

A TRANSPARENT AND ETHICAL BRAND Our fabrics come from Italy and the production process takes place in Portugal, guaranteeing regulated working processes, strict standards, as well as 100% traceability. We try to minimize our footprint as much as possible thanks to a reduced supply chain.

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We need you for our first production and launch! We have to reach a total of CHF 15’000.- for:

  • The purchase of our raw materials
  • Design costs and production costs
  • The development of our e-commerce
  • Administrative and logistics
  • Costs related to marketing and communication for our launching campaign

In our wildest dreams, reaching the sum of 20’000 CHF would be ideal in order to build up stock and develop our collection and our designs.

We have been working on this project for over a year, and your contribution is invaluable and necessary to help us make our dream come true!

A huge thank you for your generosity !!!

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