What’s the origin

Since years we are travelling trough Canada. We met and learnd of a lot of native people. The culture and the history is very impressing to us and we would like to share, with theirs help, the manual skills and the know how with you.

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What happened till now

it took a long time to find the right property and now we have it.
it’s located between two reservations, two national parks, a lot of lakes and rivers. it’s a little bit out of way but near enough to two cities.
We had the chance to make very good contacts and now we are ready to start.

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Why we need your support?

to arrange the surroundings to receive guest and visitors we need help. We would like to place teepee’s and/or tiny log houses with the necessary facilities.

on the property there is a big gardening area and a fruit tree garden. To make it more useful we would like to plant additional fruit trees and shrubs, also to create an herbal garden also with medicinal herbs we need your support too.

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What’s going on

due to your support we will be able to make «megwaashkaw» to a unique place for encounter and recreation.
you will have the chance to make unbelievable experiences in largely untouched nature.
To face animals in wilderness. Learn about medicinal herbes and how native people use them. Be involved during the process of traditional hide treating and much more.

daily you can partecipate to QiGong lessons, it is the best way to start your day full of energy. Certainly you can use them back home to boost your energy.

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see you soon on «megwaashkaw»

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