Amadame offers menstrual panties adapted to all skin colours, ethical and environmentally friendly. Opt for healthy and sustainable panties!

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Amadame menstrual panties are sexy, comfortable and detachable.

Amadame is also a philosophy, all our panties are adapted to all skin colours and shapes. Don’t choose between sexy and comfortable.

Just be both!

BAHIA panties, light to heavy flow:

With its unique side closure, you can easily change your panties and feel more comfortable.

The CHARLIE shorty, light to heavy flow:

With its integrated panty, it will ensure your comfort and help you to spend evenings/nights dry.

The DEMBA thong, light flow:

Ideal for the beginning and end of your period. In addition to being sexy and ultra secure, it is invisible!


Organic cotton, this layer absorbs blood and keeps you perfectly dry.

Bamboo fibre, this layer retains blood and absorbs odours.

Waterproof membrane, the last one is waterproof and protects you from leaks.


After use, rinse the pants in cold water, then machine wash at 30° or hand wash without fabric softener. Finally, air dry the underwear.


  • Break the silence
  • Raise awareness
  • Change social norms
  • Respect the environment

Be free and sexy even during your period!



Our panties are developed in Switzerland. We are committed to offering you a product that does not travel more than 1000 km. Our panties will accompany you throughout your period for at least 5 years!


Healthy lingerie for your body and respectful of the environment!

Our range of menstrual lingerie is made from fabrics manufactured in France, Italy and Spain and certified standard 100 by OEKO TEX*.

Organic cotton and bamboo certified to standard 100 by OEKO TEX for the well-being of your genitalia.

*OEKO-TEX certifies legal compliance with «Standard 100» for textiles free of harmful substances.


At Amadame, our ultimate long-term goal is to support women* who have limited access to adequate menstrual products by providing affordable, functional, comfortable, durable and stylish products. We want to work directly with schools in France and Switzerland to educate young people about proper menstrual care. All of our underwear is designed to make women* feel empowered and safe, while having a positive impact on the planet. At the moment, our underwear is not yet available beyond size XL. However, we are committed to offering larger sizes in future collections.


We need you to launch our first production and to help us with the :

  • Wemakeit fees
  • The development of our E-shop
  • Logistic costs
  • Production costs
  • Marketing costs

If we exceed our goal, we will be able to design a new collection, produce it, develop the brand and offer you many more surprises!


  • April: Wemakeit campaign
  • May-June: Preparation of your orders
  • July: Delivery

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