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Looking for funds to support Swiss winegrowers and make them known at a national level

MesVignerons is a family business, born from two winegrowing families, with the passion and determination to support and help craftsmen, winegrowers, as well as Swiss farmers. The promotion of regional and Swiss wines as well as their sales through MesVignerons will offer producers the opportunity to showcase their products and knowledge.

You will have the opportunity, through our website and our boxes, to support the winegrowers and their work by discovering their incredible wines and vintages selected by us. This will also allow you to get to know the wines and producers of the different regions of Switzerland and their particularities.

Your benefits with MesVignerons :

  • Possibility of modulating your choice according to your tastes
  • Saving in time and travel
  • Discoveries opportunity
  • Easy online shopping
  • Free home delivery
  • Selection of «little jewels» directly at home
  • Explanations and information made for you by professionals

This offer will make your life easier…

We introduce ourselves, Marielle & Valentin, from the canton of Vaud, Swiss wine lovers, especially Chasselas from our region. We have decided to support our colleagues, because our families also have a foot in the vineyard we are therefore aware of the difficulties encountered in our globalized world. The protection and development of local products being sometimes delicate, we have decided to give a hand to all our colleagues in this industry by promoting products from each small and medium producer as well as by highlighting our heritage, our country, our wine.

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Ou project is special because this is not just to make business; we are supporting the winegrowers and their work

Today there is no other box or company that only offers Swiss wines like MesVignerons. We are the only ones and we want to make the Swiss people discover small treasures and make the winegrowers of our country better known

We need this money in order to develop our marketing budget and make us better known by the Swiss citizens

We will use the money collected to grow our marketing in order to make us better known in Switzerland. More we will sell MesVignerons more we will be able to buy to our winegrowers and make them known also by helping them with some marketing tools