Expression through art workshop

SilentArtVoices gives voice to young people in difficult migratory situations. Because words are not enough, let’s express ourselves through art.

We have set up a workshop of expression through art for young people in difficult migratory situations. 20 young people have already joined us and have trusted us by sharing their experiences, sometimes difficult to express in words. In the second phase of the project, for which we need your support, 30 young people will be guided by the artist Anton Hasler in putting their emotions on canvas. All the paintings will then be combined to form a large common canvas, to symbolize the union in difficulty.

This canvas will accompany a traveling exhibition (2022) that will give voice to 10 artists in a migratory situation who had to stop their activities because of their refugee status. The painting will be sold for the benefit of the Association La Red (Fribourg) which supports young people in their learning and integration.

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All concerned by the migratory situation

The migratory situation concerns all of us humans. Children come to us alone, without family, without reference points, having fled for their survival. It is the duty of all of us to find a semblance of humanity in the exchange. Aware of the difficulties linked to the experience, the language barrier and the lack of trust, we want to allow these young people to express themselves freely, without expectations and without judgment.

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Material and organisation

The money raised will be used to buy the necessary materials for the second workshop of expression through art for the creation of the common canvas.